I will not forget them

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I will not forget them

Post by Mandri on Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 14:12

Don't ask me to forget the babies that I lost.
Because for me to do so, their memories it would cost.
Don't ask me to be silent, to let them die again
Their lives are only in my words and I don't think I can.

They are not buried in a grave with headstones I can see.
They're living up in Heaven, and in the heart of me.
For years and years I kept them, just in my heart and mind
I really tried to keep them there, but I began to find:

That grief began to make me ill in many different ways
So I began to give them life they're with me all my days.
Lisa would be twenty-four, and Joey seventeen;
They've been gone a long, long time, but they're still in my dream.

Because you see they live there, they're with me all the time
Would she be this, would he do that, would they have turned out fine?
Don't ask me to keep silent, and keep my thoughts inside.
Because I took that road before and they were like a tide.

~ Words by Mary J ~

Stillbirths - 5 May 2008 - beautiful twin boys (28 weeks)

MC - 5 February 2009 (6 weeks)

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Re: I will not forget them

Post by Mpums on Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 14:22

Thanks Mandri
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