HI Ladies

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HI Ladies

Post by smiley on Mon 18 Aug 2008 - 5:11

Morning Ladies
I think I will break the ice on this section.

I have two boys.

My first born turned 4 in April. We TTC for 10 months before I went to my gynae. He gave me provera to start my period as I had very irregular periods. The next cycle I was pregnant. Our healthy son was born with a birth weight of 4.2kg.

I found out that I was pregnant again, when my first born was 6 months old. It came to me as a shock as I was on contraception. Unfortunatly I MC this baby at 8 weeks.

Six months after my mc I had a BFP again. We were very exited. But unfortunatly I mc again at 6 weeks because of the glandular fever I had.

One month after my 2nd mc I got provera again to help my period. The next cycle I had my BFP again. My second son was born with a birth weight of 4.285kg. He turned 2 in February.

And as you all know we are trying for number 3 now.
Good luck to you all, may your prayers be answerd soon.
Gluck Good Luck Bear love :angelpray1:

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Re: HI Ladies

Post by DJMommy on Mon 18 Aug 2008 - 14:24

Thanks Smiley! Hopefully more mommies will post here soon!


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Re: HI Ladies

Post by nattie on Fri 29 Aug 2008 - 11:22

Hi girls

I'm a new mommy to a 1 year old! What a blessing - but what a busy little bee.

Hannah came into our family through the miracle of adoption and we have loved every moment since she was placed in our arms.

DH and I ttc for 4 years - tried numerous treatments and decided to go the adoption route - what a blessing!

After waiting for 5 months we have our precious blessing

Would love to chat to other mommies



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Re: HI Ladies

Post by Ilze on Fri 29 Aug 2008 - 12:44

Hi Nattie

Welcome to OPM. Hope your stay is very plesant. If you don't mind could you please tell us more about the adoption at the adoption form here on OPM, me and DH also busy with this road and ttc for 6 years now.

Any info to help us would be appreciated.


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Re: HI Ladies

Post by Ally on Sun 31 Aug 2008 - 19:01

Hi Nattie and welcome to a stunning forum!!!

Congratulations on your baby! She looks beautiful!

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Re: HI Ladies

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