A very nervous Birth mother

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A very nervous Birth mother

Post by JessicaStrand on Mon 15 Dec 2014 - 19:19

Hi All

I am a Caucasian south African woman about to place my baby up for adoption. With two weeks from his due date I am getting more and more nervous over whether I am making the best decision. I feel in my heart that his best options for a loving fulfilling life lay within the arms of a family who desperately want him and can take care of him in all ways possible. My nerves relate to the fact that this week I will be making final decisions regarding his adoptive parents and choosing them from the profiles given to me. I only make one very important parenting decision regarding him and I want it to be the right decision. I want to make sure I am being completely unselfish and that I choose not what I like but what is best for him. With my emotions running high, I am afraid of making the wrong decision and the fear is paralysing. I would love advice from other birth parents and from adoptive parents about qualities they find important in prospective parents.

looking forward to hearing from you all :Unsure


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