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hallo everyone

Post by Shury on Fri 20 Apr 2012 - 8:36

Hallo everyone

My friend referred me to your webiste. It sounds so interesting... Like a world I need to be part of.

My history: trying to conceive for about 9 years. Each year when I have a wedding anniversary it seems like I say "ok now another year added to trying to have a baby... " I am more positive at the moment and feel kind of hopeful.. but some may know how it can be like a roller coaster. You excited & positive one moment & suddenly feel down, frustrated and filled with self-pity. Its sometimes a very sore spot for me to talk about...can't believe I'm writing this post even.

Anyway... I went through the whole In-vitro fertilization, beginning of last year & it was unsuccessful. I think it was one of the hardest things in my life to get through since I had so much hope of it being successful. In my mind I saw it this way... my tubes were blocked so I couldn't fall pregnant on my own so doing the IVF should be as easy as pie since they will not go via my tubes but take multiple eggs out & fertilize it that way... so I was in total shock when my doc told me all 7 eggs they retrieved was abnormal... I didn't know how to handle that... I was in such a state of self-pity & took a very long time to get over it. Physically & mentally it was tough. I couldn't believe it cost me R18 000 and that it all came to an end so quickly. The whole process was more than I could handle. What started so exciting ended up so fructrating... even the hormone injections gave me nightmares at a later stage.

Then later the same year I actually had to have surgery again (this was my 4th operation) because they thought (because of the symptoms) that I had severe endometriosis that they thought was attached to my bowel area as well. I had the op & there they discovered it was not as they thought but cleared some other problems & then actually did something great that was not planned - they worked on my tubes repaired, tested it at the end & told me it will be able to work now. I paid R18000 for the IVF cos medical aid don't cover that. & for this op only about R5000 I think I had to pay in... it was like a miracle.... The only thing now is that its 7 months after the last op and I'm waiting patiently for something to happen without putting too much pressure or strain on me or my hubby... (you know planning the right times - counting your ovulation days etc)

Where to from here?


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