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Very interesting!

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Thanks Adéle for this!

If my options are a boerewors roll, a burger or a slice of pizza, which should I eat?
The slice of pizza, says Durban-based dietician Charlene Giovanelli-Nicolson. "A slice of a standard pizza, such as a margarita, has about 250 to 270kJ per slice," she says. A burger is higher in kilojoules (above 400kJ) and this increases the more sauces and cheese that's added. The biggest no-no? The boerewors roll: it's packed with kilojoules – especially saturated fats, which aren't heart healthy. So we can take up Panarottis on their all-you-can-eat Thursday deal? "Definitely not," says Giovanelli-Nicolson. "If you have more than one slice of pizza, it's equivalent to eating a burger."

I try to eat fruit as a snack, but I swear having an apple makes me hungrier. Am I imagining things? You may not be.
"There are a few reasons for this," says Joburg-based dietician Lila Bruk. "By having a snack, your metabolism is stimulated, resulting in you getting hungry more frequently at snack times," she says. It could also be related to the time of day you're eating. If it's mid-afternoon, you may need a more substantial snack, like wholewheat crackers and cottage cheese. "This will sustain you better than fruit will, so rather eat that apple when you’re less hungry (like mid-morning)," says Bruk. There's also the chance that your feeling of hunger is psychological – do you find fruit boring and unappealing? "If this is the case, try livening things up by microwaving or baking the apple, or chopping it into yoghurt or low-fat custard," she suggests.

Which foods cause stubborn tummy fat? Six to seven hours a week at gym isn’t helping…
Rather than any one particular type of food, you need to focus on overall eating habits, portion sizes and cooking methods. "Plus, regular alcohol consumption is not conducive to steady weight loss," says Strachan. "In fact, I've seen clients who, when they cut out even moderate alcohol intake, achieve good reductions in body fat with no other changes being made," she adds. So if you normally enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, cut it out while trying to reduce your waistline. "The other obvious culprits are foods loaded with fat – sweets, chocolates and processed or fried food," says Strachan. "Prepare fresh food at home. You'll know exactly what's in the meal and can be more generous with your portions without the risk of piling on the kilos."

Why do I crave so much sugar just before my period? I eat nothing besides sweets and cakes!
Your menstrual cycle affects food cravings, and that craving intensity increases dramatically in some women during the late phase of the cycle (just before your period). But it's not a purely physiological process, says Cape Town-based dietician Celeste Naudé. "Craving is a complex phenomenon involving emotions, cognition and conditioning," she adds. Before your period you may be feeling a bit grumpy due to hormones, which could lead you to focus on something you think may help you feel better (like sweets and cakes) and together these trigger the sweet craving. "Generally speaking, the most commonly craved foods are the ones that most people find delicious, so there is also a close link between food craving and liking a specific food," says Naudé. Ready to do anything for a chocolate? Keep 70 percent dark chocolate in your cupboard and when your craving kicks in, have one piece – it should satisfy your desire for chocolate without affecting your weight.

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