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What is it? It is a tested and drug free product. It is a gentle and natural tool that may be used for various applications,
from period pains through to sports injuries. It does exactly as it says on the box….it cares for ladies in a natural, safe,
gentle, yet powerful way. It is static magnetic technology backed by national trials and years of successful use by thousands
of women. It is designed to help you regain natural balance using natural means. Users have reported improved skin tone,
increased energy, no more hot flushes……….. The list goes on!
Due to the permeability of our bodily tissues, magnetic therapy has the ability to affect any type of tissue. This includes
nerves, skin cells, muscles, bone—basically the entire body. Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment. The
treatment is pain free and there are no known side-effects.
Power-Mag’s may not be worn if you are pregnant or have a pace-maker.
Studies have found that magnetic therapy has a wide range of positive effects on a large range of conditions.
Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.
Period Pains
• Period pain
• PMS Symptoms
• Breast Tenderness
• Reduction in pimples
• Bloating
• Water Retention
• Endometriosis
• Hot Flushes
• Bloating
• Palpitations
• Anxiety
• Breast Tenderness
• Irritability
• Mood Swings
• Increased Energy
• Improved Quality of Sleep
• Better Sex Life
• Softer skin
• Healthier Hair
• Vaginal Dryness
• Weight Loss
• Concentration
• Sore Joints
• Loss of Libido
• Memory Lapses
• Fatigue
• Headaches
A trial under medical supervision showed the following results:
9 out of 10 experienced reduced or complete relief of period pain
7 out of 10 reported decrease in irritability, reduction in PMS, water retention,
bloating and pimples.
How and when do I wear it?
Simply attach the Power-Mag to your underwear every month. Should you
experience breast tenderness the Power-Mag may be worn attached to the bra.
Used by over 150 000 women world wide—this discreet Power-Mag has received rave
reviews from women of all ages all over the world. In the UK magnetic therapy is
prescribed by Doctors and is fast becoming a firm favorite among woman interested
in natural health and optimum wellbeing.
Over 500 women took part in the trial tests and reported significant reductions in ALL
of the 23 symptoms—and with no side effects!
The Power-Mag is cost effective to use—purchase one and use it from puberty to
menopause. It is natural, cost effective,
simple, safe, pain-free, drug free way
to deal with both period pains and
The positive benefits can be seen in
improved skin tone & energy levels.
It is simple to use, in fact you don’t even
know it is there. Do you have any of
these symptoms?
Power-Mag is
the natural solution
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