Onion savoury tart

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Onion savoury tart

Post by Guest on Thu 17 Jun 2010 - 10:33

Preheat oven to 180 deg C

1 pkt Salticrax, crushed
125 g marg, melted

Mix and stamp into base of tart tin. Refridge so long.

Heat some oil (say 15 ml) in pan.
1 onion, sliced in rings
Add to pan so long.

1 green pepper (and 1 red if you have), slice and add to pan.

250 g mushrooms (or whatever you have left that looks ok), slice.

If no space in your pan yet, first do onions and peppers till soft, not brown. Spoon out. Add mushrooms to pan.

Season your veg to taste. Add a throw of dried mixed herbs. And whatver else you have: origanum, thyme, whatever, in baby throws.

Now, whisk tog, say, 3/4 cup of milk, 3 eggs in a bowl (or 2 if you don’t have 3, but then add more milk – like a full cup instead!). Season this with salt and pepper.

Now, remove base from fridge, chuck veg over onto base and level it out. Gooi over the egg mix.

Oh yeah, in between you would have found time to grate some cheese – as much as you like. Say, at least ½ cup, grated, but can be more!

Sprinkle cheese gernerously, dried parsley on top, crack some black pepper on top and then pop into oven for 25 – 30 min.


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Re: Onion savoury tart

Post by Kim on Thu 17 Jun 2010 - 10:55

LOL ... will try it ...
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