Ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil

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Ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil

Post by Ilze on Mon 3 Nov 2008 - 19:31

Ground Flaxseed
Nature will always produce something that is beneficial for our bodies if taken in itís most natural form. The same is for flaxseed oil and the seeds from which the oil is derived. Taken in combination will produce more health benefits than if one would take the oil or the ground seeds on itís own.

Flaxseeds are also known as Linum usitatissimum which means ďmost usefulĒ
And it is really a most useful little seed in nutritional value and versilality
In Rome the health benefits were widely praised
In the 17th century flax was first introduced and planted in Canada, the country that is the main producer of this highly beneficial seed

Ground Flaxseed and their oil is the best source of essential fatty acids( essential means we must consume it, because the body cannot manufacture it) and alpha-linolenic acid which is known as omega 3 fatty acid. In addition, ground flaxseeds are a rich source of lignans, substances that appear to positively affect hormone-related problems. Lignans may also be useful in preventing certain cancers and combating specific harmful bacteria, fungi (like Candida Albicans), and viruses, including those that cause cold sores and shingles. Essential fatty acids are important for cell membranes, blood pressure regulation, and other functions.

Several studies indicate that flaxseed oil, as well as ground flaxseeds, can lower cholesterol, thereby significantly reducing the risk of heart disease.
In addition, the oil may prevent painful gallstones from developing and even dissolve existing stones

Flaxseed oil also available in a pill.

Benefits of ground Flaxseed and Flaxseed oil

v Lowers blood pressure when combined with oats every day
v Has anti-inflammatory properties which
v eases pain like gout, arthritis, muscle inflammation
v Eases migraine headaches, asthma
v Beneficial for diabetics to regulate blood sugar levels.
v Boosts immune system
v Helps to manage weight (improves metabolic fuction)
v Relieves constipation, diarrhea, and IBS
v Helps to lower cholesterol
v Assists with menopausal symptoms
v Lowers the risk of prostate as well as breast cancer
v Reduces Learning difficulties with children
v Reduces Candida and parasite infestation
v Reduces water retention
v Reduces Allergies and sinusitis
v Improves brain function
v Important for energy production
v Reduces dry skin and eczema
v Reduces gall and kidney stones (deficiency in magnesium and B6 may also be involved)
v Aids in calcium metabolism to prevent osteoporosis
v Reduces cellulite
Ground Flaxseeds are a good source of magnesium, which helps to relax the muscles reducing asthma attacks, migraines headaches, high blood pressure, heart attacks and spastic colon or IBS.
Contains Vit C, Vit B complex, manganese, magnesium and zinc among many trace minerals.
Dosage for ground flaxseed:
Add 1-4 table spoons of ground flaxseed to your diet daily. People with IBS can use between 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon depending on how much they can tolerate.
Safe for babies and children. Make sure it is taken with enough water.
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