Home made Pizza

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Home made Pizza

Post by Eileen on Wed 21 Oct 2009 - 12:37

Buy 1/2kg of bread dough from P 'n P (or your local SPAR)

Roll out bread dough till very very thin (dough suitable for freezing for when you may need it, I but 3 x packets of 1/2 kg each and freeze)
Put a little oil on a baking tray, place tray over dough and cut to size, then place dough on the tray.
Place oven on 180.

Mix tomato & onion mix with a little tomato paste, and spread on base
Grate chedder cheese & mozarella cheese and place generously over tom mix
then add all your fav toppings. If different family member like different things make 1/4 for each.
put in oven for approx. 20 - 30 min.

I also buy extra cheese and grate it and freeze it as well as left over tom mix so that next time you feel like pizza you have all the main stuff ready.
It's great for a Sat night treat or Sunday late afternoon lunch / early dinner~!
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